Turning a Frugal Flop into a Victory

Back in the day when I used to spend without thinking (AKA back when I used to WOH), it occurred to me that maybe I could turn a hobby into a business. At the time I had taken a jewelry making class and was making jewelry with my mom for her to take back home with her and sell. I thought I could do the same and make bracelets like the one pictured above and sell them for Mother’s day. So, I bought the sterling silver letters, swarovski crystals, etc to make them. How many did I sell? you are wondering now I am sure : ZERO! The one thing I was missing in my plan was the motivation to sell them. Yes, I originally set out to make money as an incentive but because at the time I wasn’t really hurting for it I never had enough motivation to promote my own venture. Then I left my job, moved states, packed and unpacked and lost track of where my jewelry notions were stored. Pretty wasteful isn’t it?

I have been thinking what to get my very good friend for her birthday. I really wanted to get her something special because she’s very dear to me. Then I remembered about my bracelets and made her a personalized one. It’s all wrapped in a pretty box ready to go. Then I also thought that it could be a sweet present for a nine year old and made one for my niece as well. So out of my frugal flop of spending money on a failed ventured, I am making free* gifts for people around me.

*It’s not really free but the money has already been sunk, so it’s meant no additional cost to us.

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