Beating the Crowds for Cheap Groceries

One of my local grocery stores had a really great sale today: dozen eggs for 99 cents, 5 lbs of flour for 89 cents, half gallon of orange juice for 99 cents and other loss leaders like that. I went out early thinking I was going to beat the crowds this way but the joke was on me. The place was packed! apparently everyone wanted to hit the store in advance of the snow storm heading this way. It’s not too bad, 4-6 inches by midnight. But people wanted to be ready I guess. I picked up the items I wanted and left.

I am also going to be very busy this weekend getting ready for the imminent arrival of child #2: only 9 more days to go now. We need to set up his crib, put away clothes, organize everywhere, you get the drill. I am also trying to leave as much food ready for us in advance as I can. I am baking 3 loaves of bread, making a couple of freezer meals, etc.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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