Use Your Free Time to Save Money

use free time to save money

You’ve probably heard the saying “time is money”, but did you ever really taken it seriously? The fact of the matter is, this simple little saying may sound hokey and clicjes, but it’s true! Time is money, and your free time can actually help you save money. It is true that you need all the rest and relaxation you can get, especially after a hard day’s work, but you can also use some of the free time you have to save some money.

How does it actually work? First of all, you have to find a plan that works for you; something you take seriously. Then, you have to go through your schedule until you find the days that will allow you to use your free time in a useful way, but making sure at the same time that the new schedule won’t wear you out.

Start with Lists

Make lists of your bills and other expenses. Use some of your free time to figure out what’s costing you too much. Draw the line and be truly honest with yourself; what costs you too much and what can you get rid of or change? What is the most expensive bill on that list? If it’s your phone bill or internet bill it’s time to switch to a limited plan offer to fit your budget. Or, cut out certain unnecessary bills out completely like cable or gym memberships.

Browse Discount Websites

Since you have some free time at your disposal, browse the internet and check out some discount websites. You will definitely need them later, when you need to shop for clothes or other necessary items.

Going on Holiday

Take time to plan your holiday in advance during your free time; at least 8 months ahead. Book the plane tickets, make the hotel reservations and check popular yet affordable restaurants. If you plan on visiting museums, try buying the tickets online. You save more time and money planning and booking ahead.

Let Go

We love collecting different things, but these things end up costing us a lot of space, time and money. It is nice to have a hobby in our free time, but sometimes collecting knick knacks or crafting supplies for example can take too much of our space and they end up costing us too much money, too. Try getting rid of things you aren’t using anymore. If the things you want to get rid of are in perfect condition, sell them and save the money for something else. Once you’ve cleared out your unwanted items, look for ways to save money on your hobbies.

Say No to Vices

This is truly a test of faith, but it has several awesome purposes. If you are a chain smoker, for instance, use a little free time to research ways to quit. Gather all your strength and cut down the cigarettes till you manage to give this vice up. It’s an important step for your health and you will end up saving a lot of money, too.