Visit to the Garden Store

I wished I lived in the south I know most people are well on their way with their garden planting. Meanwhile here in Wisconsin, we are just getting around getting the plants and hoping there won’t be another frost so we can plant in the next two weeks.
This is what I got yesterday: two yellow tomato plants, two beefsteak tomato plants, two cherry tomato plants, 6 big pepper plants, 6 broccoli, 2 zucchini, 4 cucumber, 4 eggplants, some onions and potato seeds. I also have green beans seeds. A friend told me that I could have used potatoes from the grocery store as seeds but potatoes are prone to a lot of diseases and at least these are pre-treated. I decided this year not to plant cantaloupe melon and Brussels sprouts. I had good luck with them last year but the melon takes up too much space and the Brussels sprouts take too long.
We spent about $18 on the plants that are going in our garden and I will get $5 back by rebate. This is where I splurged: herb plants. I bought cilantro, basil, rosemary and Greek oregano. Each was $3.25 per pot. Mini ouch! But last year I didn’t get the herb plants when I should have and couldn’t find them at the end. So I was able to grow basil only.
The weather has been nice this week up here. But last year I didn’t plant until Memorial Day weekend. I am worried of the temperature dropping near frost and my plants dying. I think I am going to keep them for at least another week before I plant them.