Wearing Glasses versus Wearing Contact Lenses

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If you have bad eyesight and you need to wear glasses, you might want to find out what glasses and contact lenses offer in terms of comfort and health. These two options have both advantages and disadvantages and depending on your needs, you can pick the option that pleases you the most.

It’s best to ask the advice of an ophthalmologist, too, if you haven’t got a clue. An ophthalmologist can analyze things better and advise you to go for what’s best for your eyesight. Either way, you’ll be feeling great with glasses or with contact lens.

Contacts: A Wider Field of View

Since contacts stick to the curvature of your eyes, you can enjoy a wider field of view. Glasses have more obstructions than contact lenses.

Working Out

It’s easier to work out when you have your contact lenses on. Glasses will make you feel uncomfortable. You’ll sweat a lot and glasses can easily slide off your nose. Glasses also fog up when you’re perspiring or when the weather is cold.

Fashion Styles

Contact lenses will allow you to wear anything you have in mind. But if you wear glasses, you have to take the frame into consideration when playing the mix and match game.

Eye Color

If you always wanted to have green or blue eyes, you can try different contact lenses and finally have the eye color that you have always wanted.

Lesser Eye Infections

When you wear contact lenses, you feel the need to constantly touch your eyes and this could lead to eye infections. When you wear glasses, you are less inclined to touch your eyes so this means lesser eye infections.

Dry Eyes

Extremely sensitive and dry eyes need glasses. If you wear contact lenses you might have some problems since dry eyes don’t mix with contacts.

A Smart Investment

Glasses are a long term investment; a smart one if you want to call it that way. Contact lenses need to be changed on a regular basis.

Keeping Your Eyes Protected

Glasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt, wind. This can’t be said about contact lenses. You are exposed to many things when wearing contact lenses.

The Cleaning Process

It’s so easy to clean your glasses. But when it comes to contact lenses, you need to be more thorough and buy special products that clean the contacts.

Your Peripheral Vision

If you go for glasses, your peripheral vision can be a little bit distorted. So it can get a little tricky to focus on things once in a while.

Strong Prescriptions

When it comes to strong prescriptions, the lenses from your glasses will be thicker than the normal ones. This can be spotted from the get-go and it might look a little bit unappealing.

Why not Try Both?

If you want to, you can take turns. You can wear contact lenses for special occasions or when you work out and wear glasses when you read, work or whenever you feel like it. There are no medical restrictions for choosing both options.

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