Free Two Piece Grilled Chicken Meal at KFC


UPDATE 5/5 8:30PM CST: Coupon is back to being  a Bricks hosted coupon.  I am still concerned as to how having a pdf coupon available will impact our ability to redeem these coupons at our local store and be able to take advantage of what was a great offer.

Get a free two piece grilled chicken meal from KFC with this coupon. The meal includes two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. You can print the coupon until tomorrow 5/6 at 9:59 PM CDT. But you can use it through 5/19/09, except on Mother’s Day. Coupon is good at participating locations, check if yours is participating here.

I wouldn’t wait to print it, in case there’s a print limit. This is a Bricks coupon. I read reports of people being able to print it four times. It printed two at once for me, when I hit the back button it printed one more.

I know what I am having for lunch today. Enjoy!

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  • Thanks! My son will be thrilled when I take him after school!

  • Deanna

    Yeah i got this email this morning from and so did my hubby! We were both able to print it twice!

  • I was able to print it 4 time, I had to keep going through the homepage to get all 4.

  • Bob Thompson

    you can print twice using the back button and then close & open up the browser again and you should be able to print 2 more (of course you can use multiple computers too 😉

  • Michelle

    I got four! Thanks for the tips!

  • Lisa Fischer

    says I already printed the number allowed & I haven’t even printed it once! Darn!

  • Bugaboo

    I got to print 4 — thanks for the great deal! :o)

  • Megan J

    The promotion says you can print four. What a great promotion! I’m going to watch Oprah now – I’m guessing she’ll announce it during her show.

  • Betty

    I’ve been trying for the past 2 hours. It finally didn’t give me an error, then it said I needed to install the coupon printer, which I of course already have. Must be a website problem. Oh well.

  • Jennifer P

    Now I see a .pdf posted, do we know if this is valid?? I am guessing the website was bomb-barded….

  • Sue

    I was able to print 4 right away. It was a separate pdf. But I noticed all the numbers on each coupon were exactly the same…shouldn’t they be different? Will these be accepted?

  • Mercedes. I wondered about the validity of this coupon also, but if you go to and follow the links, this is the coupon that pops up. I would say it is valid since that is the only way to get it now. If you read the comments on the site it states that they were having too many problems with the coupon and were working on ways to fix it. I do think we should be fair though and only print 4 of them.

  • I think bricks lost their mind by allowing a PDF, but of course it OPRAH! I know this will backfire but it was good while it lasted.

  • Looks like it’s fixed now. I was unable to print earlier and just now tried again and it’s back to the standard bricks coupon. It is the number is changing and it’s allowing 4 prints total (2 each time). If you printed the pdf, you may want to go back and try to print again just to be on the safe side.

  • Karyn

    Took my son after school yesterday to the one in Lexington South Carolina, and they were so nice they asked me if I wanted white meat. They were very happy to accept the coupon. They were already aware that people would be coming in with them. Thanks for the coupon it was nice to get to eat out for free.

  • Megan J

    We got our free meals last night and they were so good! I picked the “healthier” coleslaw and baked bean sides – what a treat! The grilled chicken is really tasty. They accomplished their goal of getting me in the store – I hadn’t been in a KFC for more than a decade!

  • Mary

    I tried around 2 p.m. Eastern time today (Wed) after a man came into my store and told me about it…thanks, kind sir! LOL He was looking for a job but it’s too slow and I’m the only worker here. Anyway, a pdf came up so I printed 4 (I’m very honest with my couponing!) and I did notice they all had the same serial number, of course. I called my brother at his work and told him about it and he said a bricks was coming up – so that was over the space of about 10 minutes it went from a pdf to a bricks??? Crazy! Anyway, then I started worrying so I went to print the bricks from Firefox and of course, it’s a frontdoor coupon which only would print in IE and I got the “you’ve already printed this…” message that happens when you switch from FF to IE.

    I’m SO BUMMED – they better take the pdf version ’cause that’s all I have!!!

  • I emailed to find out what they where doing about the pdf and this is what was said:


    * All the PDF coupons downloaded from on the evening of May 5 have the same bar code.

    * Subject to the terms and conditions of the coupon and instructions on, these coupons will be accepted by participating KFC restaurants in the U.S.


    * Please visit or call 1-800-CALL-KFC.

    * Our Customer Service representatives will assist you and also take the information about your experience and follow up with the restaurant.

    Again, thank you for contacting KFC and we apologize for any problems you’ve had printing your coupon.

    I posted the full email on my blog

  • Mary Ann

    I tried to use my coupon in Knoxville TN at one of the stores today and was told that they only take 100 coupons per day and you would have to pay for the biscuit and only side choices were mashed potatoes and cole slaw even then. I sent an email and a letter to KFC about this cause I think they get reimbursed for the full amount and then getting money on top of this for the biscuit.
    Just nuts.

  • Jennifer P

    I heard KFC is not honoring their coupons!! Boycott KFC!!