Surrounded by Coupon Clippers

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Today I came across this article regarding coupon clipping and the areas in the country that do it the most. It turns out the two biggest cities in this state rank in the top ten of coupon clipping cities.
Which is really funny because our newspapers get cut off from good coupons most of the time. It is also funny because grocery stores in this state usually don’t double coupons. I would think that grocery stores should see high coupon use as a sign that they are dealing with smart shoppers. They would also want to compete for those smart shoppers by offering them the opportunity to make the most of their coupon savings.
That’s not bad business acumen is it? Pick N Save take notice!

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  • Shelly

    Amen! From a fellow coupon clipper in city #10 Green Bay!!

    I wish our stores would take note on double coupons AND that our paper would get more coupons with fewer ads for ugly dresses and expanding house plants in our inserts!

  • Alyssa @ KeepingTheKingdomFirst

    Wow, who would have thought? I am surprised Texas is no where on that list.

    I posted a video tutorial on my blog of how I organize my coupon binder. It may help all your coupon clipping neighbors. 🙂

  • Mercedes

    Shelly, you know which ads creep me out? the ones for the infant replica dolls. Those are spooky.

    Hi Alyssa,
    Thank you for the video tutorial. I need some help with organizing my coupons. So I’ll be watching the video for sure.

  • Jessica

    Another Pick N Save shopper and coupon clipper in city #10, Appleton! BTW, I just learned that Pick N Save, who is doubling coupons on Wednesdays thru the summer, won’t double for overage, only up to the amount of the product (if the product costs $1.69 and I have a $1 coupon, it will only give me an extra .69 off). I didn’t know that before.

  • Becky@FamilyandFinances

    I’m also a Wisconsinite – near Appleton! It’s very cool to see our frugal German-ness coming through! 😉

    I agree about the crummy coupons. It’s so frustrating to hear about an awesome coupon and then it’s not in our paper!

  • Mercedes

    Hi Jessica,
    I have gotten coupons doubled for overage at Pick N Save this summer. Checx mix and Kemps singles come to mind. But it may be the exception not the rule.

  • Shelly

    Those ARE spooky! Who buys those anyway? I’d much rather have a coupon!! 🙂

  • Diana

    Wow, I finally found a someone from Wisconsin. I subscribed to your blog and can’t wait to here about all the deals.
    I live in Neenah and I agree that our inserts are terrible!