10 Useful Ways to Use Sugar You Never Knew About

sugarWe all know that you can use sugar to make your cookies taste better or you may even add a spoon full to your coffee in the mornings. However, there are a ton of other uses for sugar that you probably don’t know about. Sugar can be used in a ton of different practical ways and it’s not only limited to stuff in the kitchen. In order to be frugal, you have to make the most out of what you’ve got and that’s what I’m going to teach you to do with sugar. Below, you’ll find some uses for sugar that will probably be new to you.

#1. Did You Burn Your Tongue?

There’s nothing worse than taking a sip of some hot coffee and burning your tongue. If you want to get rid of the pain, you can sprinkle some sugar all over your tongue and it will soothe the pain.

#2. Bite Into Something too Spicy?

Did you bite into something that’s spicier than you thought? That’s okay, because if you sprinkle some sugar in your mouth, you’ll be able to put your mouth at ease.

#3. Cure Dry Heels

We all get dry heels from time to time and they can be a literal pain. Get a handful of sugar and put a bit of water on it. After that, massage the your heels with the handful of sugar and you’ll take away the dead skin around your heels.

#4. Make Your Lips Softer

Grab yourself a little bit of sugar and gently massage it on your lips. It will smooth your lips out and take away the dead skin.

#5. Use Sugar to Get Clean Hands

Are your hands particularly dirty after cleaning up a horrible mess? Add a bit of sugar to your hand soap and it will get your hands cleaner than ever.

#6. Make a Homemade Bug Catcher

Do you want to enjoy some time outdoors, but the bugs are feasting on you? Well, you can make your own homemade bug catcher with sugar! Mix some sugar and water together in a pot and bring it to a boil. Eventually, it will turn into syrup. Put the syrup in a bowl or a jar and set it outside with you. The bugs will go to the jar, instead of you, and they’ll get stuck in the syrup.

#7. Sugar Gets the Stains Out

Mix some warm water with sugar and you’ll get yourself a nice little paste to put onto stubborn stains. Rub this paste into the area of the stain and then throw the article of clothing in the wash.

#8. Sugar Makes Bread Last Longer

Get yourself some sugar cubes and toss one in a bag of bread. The bread will stay softer longer and it will remain fresh for a longer period of time, as well.

#9. Sugar Keeps Cookies Soft, Too!

Just like the tip above, if you throw a sugar cube into your cookie container, you’ll be able to keep the cookies softer and fresh for a longer period of time.

#10. Sugar Keeps the Germs Away

We’ve all cut our hands and fingers while in the kitchen. If you cut yourself on accident, you should sprinkle some sugar on the wound and it will help keep harmful bacteria away.