4 Tips for Saving Money at the Movie Theater

movie-theaterMy husband and I absolutely love going out to the movie theater. The atmosphere and the smell of the popcorn is just so inviting to me. I love it when we go on dates and he decides to take me out to movie and a dinner, because I always have a great time. However, a lot of people avoid going out to the movie theater, because it costs so much money. I know it costs a lot of money and I’m a frugal person, but going out to the theater is something that I’m not willing to give up. Granted, it’s expensive, you just need to learn how to save money. Below, I’m going to list out some tips, so you can go to the theater without spending a wad of cash.

#1. Go to the Early Bird Specials or Matinees

Typically, most theaters will offer discounts if you go see movies earlier in the day. This is because they have a harder time filling seats in the early part of the day, because most people enjoy going to the movies at night. By taking advantage of early bird specials or matinees, you could literally cut your cost of seeing a flick in theaters in half. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love it when I can save as much as 50% on something.

#2. Eat Before Going to the Theater

Believe it or not, most movie theaters don’t even make any money off of their ticket sales. Instead, they rely on people to come in and purchase snacks, popcorn, soda, hot dogs, corndogs, candy, etc… It only costs them a couple of pennies to make your popcorn, but they’re going to charge you outrageous prices for it. Therefore, I highly suggest you to eat before even going to see a movie, because eating at the theater is going to be very expensive.

#3. Is it Worth Watching a Movie in 3D?

3D movies were pretty cool at first, but now almost everything out there comes out in a 3D format. In other words, 3D has lost its luster, in my opinion. I would suggest thinking about whether or not you really want to watch the film you’re interesting in watching in 3D format, because 3D is more expensive than seeing the 2D version of the film.

I would suggest doing a little bit of research before going out to see a movie and find out whether or not it’s worth seeing in 3D. Certain films, like Avatar, you should see in 3D, but other films don’t really take advantage of the technology and they’re only cashing in on the 3D aspect.

#4. Bring Your Own Candy

As women, this is where our purses are going to come in very handy. Seeing as how the snacks at movie theaters are marked up so much, I know a ton of women that bring their purses into the theater with them and they have them filled with a ton of snacks. Basically, you buy snacks elsewhere and just bring them into the theater with you.