4 Tips for Being a Stay at Home Mom

stay-at-home-mom1So, you’ve decided that you’re officially going to be a stay at home mom? This is a pretty huge decision you’ve made and congratulations for having the courage on making this decision. Now, you’ll be able to stay at home and spend more time with your children as they grow older. Being a stay at home mom is doing to be a drastic change and it’s not going to be as easy as you think. There’s going to be an adjustment period and you’re going to learn a lot.

Experience has been a great teacher for me and I’m going to try and help you with the knowledge I’ve learned over the years, so the transition to being a stay at home mom is much easier for you.

#1. Make a Schedule

It’s really easy to become depressed as a stay at home mom, because you realize the day is over and you haven’t even showered, left the house or talked to any of your friends. In other words, time goes by very quickly as a stay at home mom, because there’s so much on your plate. A schedule works, because your days will have a shape to them and you become motivated as you get to put a checkmark beside of your completed tasks. After creating a schedule, you may even free up some time for yourself.

#2. Start Networking

When you work a job, you have to network with people. The same goes for being a stay at home mom. Networking with people will give you others to talk to that are in the same situation as you. You will be able to share tips and advice with them, as well. Most stay at home moms complain that they don’t have enough interaction with other adults and this is a fix for that.

#3. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

A lot of time can be wasted if you’re trying to be a perfectionist. Everyone wants to do the best they can, but you have to be realistic. Instead of trying to be a perfect mom, you should strive to be a great mom. I hate to say it, but you’ll never be a perfect mom, because a perfect mom doesn’t exist.

#4. Consider Hiring a Nanny

When you work a job, you had a team of people to work with to get the job done, so why not work with someone else in your home. Being a stay at home mom can be tough — really tough, so consider hiring someone to help you get the job done if you feel like there’s too much work for just one person. Hiring a nanny would help a lot, but they can be expensive. Even if you hired one for one day out of the most, at least you’d have one day where you could possibly squeeze in a nap.

Being a stay at home mom can be really tough, so I hope you have read over these tips and they will truly help you. Hey, at least you didn’t have to learn some of these things the hard way, like I did. If you have any stay at home mom tips you’ve learned from experience, you should post them below.