Steps to Becoming a Good Leader

good leaderMore and more managers have realized how important leadership workshops really are and just how valuable a good leader is. Companies have also come to the same conclusion. A lot of specialists have been hired to give lectures on leadership to improve and meet the company’s targets.

Society nowadays is so evolved that people invest time and money to shape great leaders. And for good reason! An efficient leader will help the company, the employees, the production, the workflow and even the work environment.

Motivating People

Most people find work to be quite a drag, and can you blame them? A lot of managers only boss people around and limit their leadership skills to giving orders and criticizing. That has a negative impact over so many things starting with stress, work efficiency and whatnot. To be a good leader, you must realize that you have a team of employees. Your goal should be to keep them there, working for the company.

Be transparent and talk about the company’s goals. A good leader is a strong link between the company and its employees. Your employees will be up-to-date with the latest tasks and they’ll feel more involved in the overall communication process. People like to feel important; make the employees feel as if they’re an asset to the company, because this is, in fact, the truth. They are valuable to the company. Once employees feel happy with what they do, they will be more productive. If the employee is happy, the workflow will run a smooth course; the work environment won’t be defined by stress and employees won’t be focused on meeting deadlines only. Take raises and promotions into consideration for the model employees.


There are some consequences to being a bad leader. The occupational burnout effect is just one of these consequences. Psychologists define it as a type of stress that comes from exhaustion and lack of motivation in the workplace. Employees feel ignored, useless and they don’t receive any kind of feedback or recognition for their work. They don’t know if they made mistakes or not, if they were efficient or not or if their work is noticed at all. This leads to frustration and it diminishes the employee’s productivity.

A good leader, on the other hand, understands the importance of communication. It’s very important to communicate with your team and acknowledge their good work. It’s also important to lead them without abusing your position and you should offer them constructive feedback when their work needs to be improved. Always make sure that those working under you know where they stand.

Lead by Example

People involuntarily tend to mimic or copy other people’s behaviors at work. As a manager the way in which you work and do certain things can influence others. If you stay indifferent and don’t seem to be actively involved in the company’s delegated tasks, your employees will act in a similar manner.

To be a good leader, you should always practice what you preach and this is true in many other situations, be them work related or not. If you expect hard work, you should also work hard yourself.

All Work and No Play…

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This proverb is still true to this day. People will stop being productive if they are worked out. They need some time off; otherwise they’ll soon experience the burnout effect mentioned earlier. Always make sure that employees get adequate time off, and try to accommodate their own schedules whenever possible.