5 Moving Expenses You Totally Forgot About

Moving ExpensesSpring is when everyone thinks about moving and if they decide to go for it, they typically start planning in spring and the actual move takes place during the summer months. Now, as a frugal person that wants to help you save money if you’ve decided to move, I’m going to remind you of some moving expenses you’ve probably forgotten about. You see, moving can be a pretty hectic time and many people are so excited / stressed out that they completely forget about certain things. However, this can really come back to bite someone in the rear, because there are some costs in there you didn’t anticipate and you may end up running out of money to finish your move. Below, you’ll find my list of moving expenses you probably forgot about. You can scroll down now to check them out.

#1. Movers

Are you considering hiring a moving company to help you move your stuff? I don’t blame you, because it will save your back and the back of anyone else that is helping you. However, you have to be careful when selecting a moving company. It’s easy to find these moving companies that are offering amazingly low prices, but you find out later that they charge by the hour and only sent one guy to help you. Before you know it, you’re paying more for that extra set of hands than you expect. Ask them questions, such as how many crew members they’re sending to help you with the move, etc…

#2. Storage Units

If you’re moving and something pops up to where you can’t move your stuff in immediately, which does happen sometimes, you may have to find a storage unit to store the bulk of your belongings.

#3. Utilities

Chances are, you remembered that you need to have the electricity activated at your new place and you want to have the water turned on, as well, but did you take deposits and activation fees into account? Some companies like to charge you a deposit, which basically means you’re paying a whole month in advance. Also, certain companies, like cable companies will charge you an activation fee.

#4. Replacement Items

Ever notice how easy it is to throw things out when you’re moving? This is typically because people get excited and they want only new things in their new dwelling, but you have to remember how much it’s going to cost to replace these items. Also, did you think about how much it’s going to cost you to get a new driver’s license? How about that gym membership contract you’re locked into? Will you have to pay an early deactivation fee? Also, you may have to open a new bank account if you’re moving to a different state and that could cost money, as well.

#5. Your Security Deposit

A lot of people include their security deposit in their budget before they even move out, but you may not get it back. I highly suggest that you clean before moving, so you increase your chances of getting it back. I know a ton of people that don’t even think about this and it ends up costing them their deposit.