6 Ways to Save Money on Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet CleaningCarpeting is a flooring option that can make a house look great, but the problem is that keeping that carpeting clean is not always easy. Once every few months, you’d probably like to hire professional carpet cleaning services in order to steam clean the carpet, but the cost of using professionals can add up. Here are some tips on saving money using carpet cleaning services, but still get your carpets their cleanest.

#1. Vacuum the carpet at least a few times a week.

The dirt that settles into carpeting can actually help destroy it if it is not removed. By vacuuming the carpet at least three times the week, you are not only removing the dirt, but you are actually extending the life of your carpeting by many years.

#2. Using smaller pieces of carpeting as runners.

You have a fondness for oriental rugs, and you keep them in various parts of your house particularly in the areas that have a lot of traffic like your living room. What you may not realize is that those small little carpets put over your carpeting is actually preserving the carpeting in your house because it is getting the traffic instead of the carpeting itself.

#3. Do not allow people to wear shoes in your house.

The Japanese have a tradition where they do not allow people to wear shoes in their home, and that is actually a great idea because shoes can trample down the carpet, and also track not only dirt, but grease, and other things onto carpeting that can stain it permanently.  The best ways to enforce the no shoes policy would be to have a small shelf right inside the door, so when people come in, they can easily slip off their shoes.

#4. Look into purchasing your own steam cleaner.

You may be one of those people that like to do everything on your own including cleaning your own carpets. Manufacturers have made do-it-yourself carpeting cleaning easier than ever now because there are small units that are the same size as regular vacuum cleaners. With these small units, all you would need to do is add water, and a special cleaner, and just go over the carpeting. The steam cleaner will suck the dirt out, and can be just as effective as professional services especially for those spills that end up staining the carpeting.

#5. Get your carpet cleaned during certain times of the year.

Certain times of the year, carpet cleaning companies have special deals because they know that people like to do things like clean their carpets especially when the spring comes. After a long winter, there is nothing more refreshing than a clean house, and steaming the carpeting is part of that cleaning.

#6.  Be on the lookout for coupons.

Carpet cleaning companies publish coupons in local magazine and newspapers because they want to encourage people to use them instead of going out and buying their own little steam cleaning unit. Typically, carpet cleaning companies offer discounts on high traffic areas, or maybe just on the steam cleaning of one to two rooms, which is still a great deal.