7 Ways To Save Money On Baby Diapers and Wipes

Baby DiapersA new baby is a wonderful blessing, but the problem is that buying things for a baby are not always cheap especially when it comes to things like diapers and wipes. Babies go through a lot of diapers before they are finally potty trained around the age of three or four, and here are seven ways to save big on buying them.

#1. Check the Sunday paper for coupons.

When the Sunday paper comes out, there are always a big thick supply of coupons that goes with it. Diaper coupons can offer as much as a dollar off of packs, and that is a pretty big savings. Also, if there are no coupons in the Sunday paper, then there are plenty of coupon websites that have printable coupons, like this one, and sometimes the dollar amount is much bigger than just a simple dollar off.

#2. Do not switch sizes quickly.

Packs of diapers have sizes on them that list what children who wear the diapers should weigh. However, sometimes the diaper sizes can overlap one another, and parents may see that their child has two sizes in which to choose from. Switching sizes too fast can lead to having to pay more for diapers when it is not necessary. Parents should only switch to the next size up when the diapers become too tight around their child’s waist and legs, and not a moment before.

#3. Make sure the diaper is put on properly.

Before the baby is born, parents should practice how to diaper a doll or a stuffed animal so they can know how to put the diaper on properly. If the diaper is not put on right, then there is a chance that the diaper is going to leak, and not only get baby all wet, but a big pack of diapers is not going to last very long. Diapers can be expensive enough as it is without going through a big pack of them quicker than they need to.

#4. Ask for diapers as gifts.

When a milestone comes up for baby, like their first birthday, then a great way to save on diapers is to ask friends for things like gift cards that can be used on diapers. Parents always have more things than they need like clothes and toys, and gift cards can be used in ways that make it easier on mom and dad’s bank account.

#5. Take advantage of sales.

Many retail stores have sales at least once a month on diapers, and sometimes the sales can be buy one pack of diapers and wipes, and get another one free.

#6.  Check out the storage brands.

Store brand diapers and wipes can be just as good, if not better, than the name brands, and the great thing is they cost a lot less.

#7.  Bulk diapers can offer huge savings.

Warehouse stores can have gigantic boxes of diapers and wipes, and a pack of each can be big enough to last a family for months, which will mean that a lot of money will be saved.