Memory Hacks for a Bad Memory

memory hacks for bad memory

We all need memory hacks in our lives. We could use memory hacks when we are students, when we work in a competitive environment and we have to learn many new things in a short span of time, when we are parents and on and so forth.

The following memory hacks work for all age groups and they also train other cognitive functions. So pick the tips that work best for your personality and for your busy schedule. And remember: practice makes perfect. If you constantly feed your memory and brain with information and different memorizing techniques, things will get easier for you.

Beauty Sleep…more Like Memory Sleep

Napping really improves your memory. If you take a short nap after you memorize something, your memory will better incorporate the new information in your head. The best type of nap for these situations is the daytime nap.

Small Breaks

Continuous study is not recommended. It will make you more tired, frustrated and angrier on what you have to memorize. Have small breaks so you can let the information sink in. Don’t abuse the number of breaks though. That isn’t cool either.

Juggle with Subjects

Your brain is more amazing than you can ever think. So when you study try to juggle with different subjects or topics of interest. Learn a psychology subject then switch to Mathematics and on and so forth. These alternations help you memorize everything better. Why? The different subjects can’t be easily confused. The same goes with information, techniques and methods you have to learn at work. Apply the same method and everything should be fine.

Different Types of Memorizing

People learn things differently. Different paces, different tricks etc. Some learn better with music in the background. Some learn better by recalling the voice of their teacher while others are visual learners in the sense that they remember the type of font, the number of the page and the paragraph that they tried to memorize. So if you are a visual learner, go for sketches, drawings, colors in order to better memorize the information that you need to know. Adjust your learning techniques based on the type of memorizing that suits you best.

Make Associations

The best way to memorize something is to make associations. Everybody can memorize things by repeating them ad nauseam. But if you want to remember something longer, make logical connections and associations.

Walk More

After you learn something new, go for a short walk. You will relax your body and mind, making it easier for your brain to “absorb” the information. You will also feel less stressed out, less worried.

Study Outdoors

Studying outdoors is healthier. Even if you can get distracted by the sounds of nature, you will still learn better than staying indoors. The natural light, the greenery, the fresh air will make it easier for you to be open to learning.

Use Your Voice

When you read out loud what you have to memorize you will remember things better. Brilliant tip, isn’t it?