9 Handy New Uses for Hair Dryers That Will Blow You Away!

New Uses for Hair Dryers

The post I wrote yesterday about new uses for your straightening iron has my hair dryer feeling a little sad. Now that my straightener is sitting there all arrogant and gloating, strutting around the bathroom like it owns the place. Shameful! The poor dryer is feeling left out, and for good reason!

The truth is, I really do use my hair dryer much more. Not for just drying my hair and making it all perty either. There are actually lots of pretty handy uses for hair dryers!

#1. Thaw Pipes

Probably the handiest of all of the uses for hair dryers in the winter is thawing frozen pipes. If you know (roughly) where your pipes have frozen, just blast it with a hair dryer and the heat should melt the ice inside. This is especially handy if you have PVC pipes; just make sure you keep the hair dryer moving.

#2. Remove Candle Wax

Did candle wax drip on your table? Use a hair dryer to heat it and soften it, and scrape it away with a spatula or credit card.

#3. Clean Stray Crayon

If your little Picasso has missed the paper yet again—or forewent it altogether—you can make cleanup a little easier with a hair dryer. Just blast the stray crayon marks with hot air from a hair dryer. This will soften the wax and make it much easier to wipe away.

#4. Remove Stickers

Heating stickers with a hair dryer can loosen the glue or adhesive on the back. Once it’s warmed, you can slowly start to peel away the sticker. This also works well for price tags and most bottle labels.

#5. Dust Hard to Reach Areas

The corners of bookcases and the little cracks and crevices in molding is notoriously difficult to dust! A hair dryer can make this job so much easier, though! Using the cool button on your hair dryer, just blow away the dust.

#6. Remove Wrinkles

If you’ve ever been running late and didn’t have time to pull out the iron, you can also successfully remove wrinkles with your hair dryer too! Use the hot setting and smooth the fabric as you blow dry it. A hair dryer also works well for removing wrinkles from plastic table cloths.

#7. Dry Boots and Shoes

Don’t let your wet boots and shoes get nasty and musty! Point a hair dryer inside and turn it on to speed up the drying process.

#8. Dry Nail Polish

I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry and often employ a few tips to speed the process up. One way to get nail polish to dry is to blast it with the cool setting of your hair dryer. It can cut the drying time drastically, which means fewer blemishes in your otherwise perfect polish!

#9. Give Plastic Glasses a Better Fit

I have yet to try this little hair dryer hack, but it does seem intriguing! Apparently, you can heat up the ear pieces of most plastic glasses to soften them and carefully reshape them to give you a better fit. I wouldn’t try this with expensive designer glasses, but it might come in handy for cheaper backup pairs or sunglasses.

I’d love to hear some of your own uses for hair dryers!