Are Eggs Really a Frugal Protein Alternative?

I hate to keep going on and on about this, but I just stopped by Costco to get some milk and eggs and the eggs were again a no go. The eggs were up $0.30 from last week to $4.99 for 3 dozen. I don’t get it, a full dollar or 25% up in two weeks. Could this be because it’s the holidays? or just because they deserved to go up that much so quick? I have to say I have priced eggs at my grocery store and Super Walmart and they are only slightly cheaper.

So much for frugal meatless meals. Considering that a large egg without shell weighs 50 grams, then a pound of eggs = 9 eggs or $1.24. If I can find ground beef or boneless skinless chicken that beats this price then I am better off having meat.

This week my grocery store has chicken leg quarters $0.59 per pound. Even if the bone-to-meat ratio is 50/50 (meaning only 50% is actual meat and I think this ratio is very high), I am still better off replacing some of my egg based meals for chicken.

Have you ever considered looking at the cost of the protein you consume this way? I know I am talking about a very high level analysis here. There are other things to consider such as quality of the protein, different levels of fat, also personal beliefs, and what not. But this quick analysis has surely given me food for thought (pun intended).