Budgeting Tips if You’re a Stay At Home Mom – Part 3

budget 1First of all, I’d like to send a big thanks to all of you out there for sending over all of those compliments I’ve been receiving in regards to this guy. Apparently, I’m hooking you all up with some great tips that are really helping some of you out and saving you a good bit of money. I’m going to continue doing just that today with my latest installment in the budgeting tips if you’re a stay at home mom series. In the last article, I talked about how you could cut spending and I also talked about preparing meals at home to save money. Today, I’m going to hook you up with some more money saving tips.

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Make sure you check those two articles out before reading on. Now, let’s get started with more budgeting tips if you’re a stay at home mom.

Use Coupons

Here at CommonSenseWithMoney we have a massive database of the hottest coupons on the planet for you to take advantage of. Therefore, I highly suggest you bookmark this website and check back on a daily basis, because we make it a point to present you with the latest and greatest coupons that will save you cash on items you need in your home. That being said, I would only suggest using coupons when you truly need them. Do not use coupons on items that you wouldn’t purchase otherwise. Coupons do not give you an excuse to splurge on items, because you need to save money and reduce your overall expenses.

Only use coupons on items you plan to buy anyways or you could use coupons for items to replace other items you would normally buy. For instance, let’s say you find a coupon for steak that makes it cheaper than the chicken you normally buy. It makes perfect sense to go with the steak, rather than the chicken.

I suggest getting an organizer and sitting down every weekend and collecting some of your best coupons and organizing them. Arrange your coupons by category and expiration date. If you come across old coupons or expired ones, you should throw them out. I would also suggest making a meal plan for the week while you’re organizing your coupons. That way, you’ll be more likely to use the coupons and save money on the meals you’re going to make during the week. Try to plan your meals around the coupons you have and you’ll be able to save the most money.

Now we’re at the end of this article and I definitely hope I’ve helped some of you save some serious cash on your journey to becoming a stay at home mom. I’ve received praise for this series of articles, so I definitely plan on making more of them. Chances are I’ll create another installment in this series and post it up over the weekend, so make sure you keep an eye out for it!