Common Sense with Money Turned Three!

Yesterday morning was ver anti-climatic. I knew my 3-year anniversary of blogging was coming up so I looked at my blog archives and it turns the anniversary of my first post had actually come and gone.

Many things have happened since the start of this blog: we have added to children to our family, we have moved homes, my husband changed jobs and more. Yet one thing remains constant: our desire to save money so we can achieve our financial goals. Saving money is a lifestyle for our family. The one thing we have learned is that it’s important to do this with a purpose. Having a goal helps you stay the course. You will also find that with time these goals change. When we first started our main goal was to save money so we could survive on one income. Our goals have since progressed to saving money so we can save for our future and the future of our children, among others.

After three years I still call myself lucky to be able to share with others my passion. And while I spend a lot of time during the day doing this, it is still fun for me to do it so in any sense ever considered a chore. My goal is and has always been to help save YOU money as well. While not all of the deals that I share apply to everyone that reads this blog, I consider myself successful if at least one of you finds the information you find here useful.

While I may be late to my own anniversary celebration that doesn’t miss I should skip it entirely. So to celebrate and to thank you for your loyal readership I will be having a giveaway bash this coming Tuesday. I have a few goodies I want to share with you.