Couponer’s Way of Entertaining

I don’t know what I was thinking but the Saturday before last I told my husband that it would be a good idea to have friends over for a barbecue. I even told him the more the better.

How could I be so nonchalant about considering entertaining around 15 adults and 10 children on a budget? Because I have a stockpile, I shop sales and use coupons. Here’s part of the spread I put together and its cost:

Pictured above: 13 ears of corn ($2.60 on sale), Salad ($1 after coupon), Salad dressing (free after coupon), Baked beans (free after coupon), Watermelon (3.99 on sale, used half), Grapes (99 cents on sale). Total so far: 6.58

Above: Peanuts (3 cents after coupon), salsa, chips, chex mix and cheerios snack mix: all free after coupon and sale. Not pictured: Guacamole, also free after coupon. Vegetable kabobs: 4.50 on all vegetables used after sale prices. New total: $11.11

Drinks: 2 litter drinks all free after coupons, same with Juicy Juice for the kids. Paper goods: 1.75 for plates, napkins and cups after coupons. Spoons and forks $1 from dollar store. Running total: $12.86
Not pictured: 3 lbs ground beef for burgers: $4, one whole roasting chicken $3.50 and $1.50 for beef hot dogs. All from the freezer. Buns: $3.50.
Total cost for the party: $25.30
Total out of pocket: $16.33 and I am not even going to deduct the $4.50 I got in overage from other coupons I used in the same shopping order.

I wouldn’t have been able to entertain such number of people in such short notice, if it wasn’t for the stockpile of things I have acquired for free or very cheap after a sale and using coupons.

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