Eating from the Freezer

Did you know that March is National Frozen Food Month? Which is very appropriate because I have decided to go on a grocery exile and use the food that I have in our freezers and pantry. I have mentioned before here about my little food hoarding problem. Well, since the birth of the baby I haven’t been very good about meal planning and using what I have. So food waste has been a little higher but not much. Not only that but I also think that I need to rotate some of the food I have in the freezer.

This is my main storage freezer in the garage: You can find steaks, ground beef, chicken, chicken sausage, frozen veggies, ice cream and other stuff in there.

I also have this other fridge in the garage but we keep it mostly empty in the winter because it’s old and it gets so cold in there that it malfunctions in this weather.

I also have the fridge in the kitchen and its freezer but we keep mostly things we need on hand and meals my husband takes to work in there.

I must like you a lot people because these are some pictures of my pantry.

It is not *SO* messy, right? But I have a lot of pasta and cereal and other miscellaneous.
So what does it all mean? These are my goals for this month
  1. Retake meal planning: I will prepare a weekly menu of Saturdays. Initially I thought of planning a menu for the month but then I thought it may not allow me to shop around grocery store sales. So, I will plan every a weekly menu and shop the grocery sales. I will post my menu on the right side bar to serve as a reminder and be accountable.
  2. No meat buying for this month. I will only buy the things that I do not have in my pantry freezer.
  3. I don’t have goals as to how much to spend or not spend. I will shop the sales and spend what’s needed.

I will post pictures of my freezer and will post grocery lists every week so I stay true to this plan.