How much will you spend on Halloween?

So far I have spent:

$5.99 toddler’s lion costume at thrift shop, that I am not even sure he’ll wear

$1.5 two bags of Hershey’s PB cups miniatures

$1.09 bag of Nestle crunch miniatures

Total $ 8.58

I still have $1 off coupon of another bag of Nestle candy, if I see them on sale then I will get one more bag. A Parenting magazine poll on this month’s issue states that 28% of parents throw away the candy their children bring home from Trick or Treating, so this year we’ll be giving out less candy and buying it as cheaply as possible. I hate to think of all the wasted money and my husband hates to think of all that chocolate thrown away. Also, for next year I plan to get non-candy giveaways that I will hopefully be able to find when Target or any other store goes on clearance after Halloween this year.