How to Be Smarter With Just a Few Changes

be smarter

It seems that some people have it easier. Or at least this is the feeling we get; nevertheless, that person may be different than us and is obviously leading a different life, going through different experiences and taking different decisions. We only have the illusion that we are similar to a certain person and we often compare ourselves with the rest of the world even if we’re unique individuals leading a different life. We sometimes feel that we can improve a lot of things starting with our I.Q and ending with the way we see, experience and think about different situations, problems and things. However, figuring out how to actually be smarter is a tad more difficult than some people may realize.

Intelligence is a very abstract concept and everybody has a subjective definition for it. Nevertheless, you can broaden your horizons and be smarter at what you do. Don’t forget, though, that there are different types of intelligence so it’s best to identify yours and develop it to the best of your abilities.

Education and Research

Studying and researching different information and keeping in touch with the new studies in your field of interest. These are the first steps you need to take to sharpen your intelligence and be smarter.

Avoid Routine

You can do different things at work and at home. You can see things from a different perspective and try a new approach regarding things. Avoid routine and allow novelty in your life. Changes mean new information that your brain has to store and analyze. Knowing more things means you could possibly be smarter in time. Knowledge is power, so they say.


Traveling can be an amazing experience and it can also help on your quest to be smarter. You will experience the so called culture clash, deal with different cultures and traditions, see landmarks and understand things from a different perspective. You can also visit different parts of your country to understand the history and the geography better.  There are so many possibilities to travel now without having to spend a fortune too.

The Magical World of Books

Books (regardless of the subject or literary genre) will open your mind. You will enrich your knowledge and vocabulary without trying too hard. Books are a must if you’re trying to be smarter!

Setting Goals

Think of difficult goals; the easy ones can be easily achieved. Challenge your mind and work on problem solving to see what steps you need to take in order to accomplish your dreams. In the end you’ll be smarter and happier. And if at first you don’t succeed, you try and try until you get what you want. But when failing, remember that even losing is a natural process that helps you learn and think of other alternate solutions to reach your goals. At least you won’t be making the same mistakes again.

Embracing Creativity and Little Games

We all have experienced periods of creativity at least once in our lives. Creativity is different, depending on the individual and his or her type of personality. Always embrace your creativity and let it do its thing. Exploit it. Come up with something new. Enjoy the results. Creativity and intelligence are often linked together. There are also little games you can play online to boost your I.Q and challenge your mind. Try them out on a regular basis to keep your mind trained.