How to Store Summer Produce For Winter

It’s that time of the year where the fresh produce is becoming limited for much of the United States. While this saddens many that Summer is officially coming to an end, it’s a good reminder that we need to get in gear and start storing the summer produce in the freezer for fresh tasting fruits and vegetables during the winter months! Be sure to keep up with your local Grocery Store Sales, Farmers Markets, Roadside Stands, Neighbor’s Gardens or even your own.

Here are some popular items you may like to keep all year long and how you can preserve them.


If your family has a love for bananas purchasing at the lowest price allows you to stock up. However, it can be a little tricky to store the soft fruit. One option is to dehydrate and create banana chips. Another option is to freeze bananas. My friend Mary of Mission: To Save shows you how to freeze bananas.


YUM, fresh corn on the cob! This is the food many think of when you think of summer. You can savor the taste of fresh sweet corn by freezing and the price is amazing! Here’s a great how to Sweet Corn article over at Coupon Cutting Mom.


 Do you have WAY too many herbs that sprouted this summer? Herbs have a short shelf life in the fridge so drying them out in the oven allows you to have fresh herbs all year round. To dry herbs in the oven place the oven on 180 degrees. On a cookie sheet lay out your herbs making sure they aren’t overlapping. Allow the herbs to dry for 3-4 hours, turning every hour.

If you have patience and time, you can air dry your herbs. Simply tie up a few stems on the ends and hang upside down…be sure to avoid direct sunlight. When the leaves of the herbs are completely dry they will flake or crumble off very easily.  Simply store in an airtight container for best results.


 Okra is one of those foods that don’t get enough attention. If you are lucky to find a good deal on Okra consider whipping up a jar of Homemade Pickled Okra. Shelly at Lynchburg TN Mama has a great recipe.


 When fruits and veggies go out of season they become expensive and peaches are one of them! To enjoy peaches year round be sure to freeze your own and save yourself some money this winter. Check out the simple way Queen Bee Coupons.


Onions and Peppers are probably one of the easiest veggies to freeze. You literally slice or dice them up and stick in the freezer safe container or baggie.  Just portion them to your families needs so when you make omelets or breakfast potatoes consider mixing a bag of green peppers and onions for ease!


 Do you love Smoothies? Pineapple is super easy to freeze. You simply core and dice the pineapple into chunks, lay them out on a cookie sheet and allow to flash freeze in the freezer before placing in a freezer appropriate bag to store long term.

Quick Tips: 

  • Use a plastic bottle (water bottle, coffee creamers, etc.) and dice up veggies to sprinkle out as needed for cooking. Thanks for this tip My Frugal Savings.
  • When freezing make sure produce is completely dry or they’ll be mushy when they thaw.
  • Do you have A LOT of basil? Make a pesto for grilled cheese or pasta with this simple recipe from Queen Bee Coupons.
  • If you find it frozen in the grocery store you can freeze it at home!

 For a list on how to store summer produce that aren’t listed here hop on over to Pays to Save. Joannie has a great list!

These are just some really simple tips in savoring the best of summer through the rest of the winter.

I would love to hear how you save your summer’s best.  Leave me a comment to share with everyone!