Interesting Facts About Sarcasm


Sarcastic people may be perceived as obnoxious, annoying, but the truth is that different studies show that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to sarcasm. There are different types of intelligence attributed to different personalities.

We need sarcasm in our lives as much as we need emotions, logical, analytical, rational thinking etc. We are all sarcastic at least once in our lifetime. Granted, some people tend to be more sarcastic than others; it’s all influenced by who we are, how we think etc.

Thinking Outside the Box

Different studies show that sarcastic people tend to find more creative solutions or approaches to different problems. These people love thinking outside the box.

The Productive Kind of Stubbornness

Sarcastic people don’t give up easily. They work and work till they find the right solution. They will do their research and use pertinent, objective arguments to win a debate. They may like to have the final word, but their word is usually based on facts.

Selective vs. Socially Awkward

People that don’t get sarcasm find sarcastic people to be annoying and not so popular. Most of the times, sarcastic people like to prank those who they think deserve it and people who don’t get their sarcasm. That doesn’t make sarcastic people socially awkward; they’re selective with their close circle of friends and ruthless with those who annoy them somehow.

Food for Thought

Sarcastic lines will make us ponder about the true meaning of a reply. Was it sarcastic or not? There are many common links between sarcasm and a high intelligence. Understanding and using sarcasm will make you a smarter person.

Sarcasm and Diplomacy

Sometimes, sarcasm is a subtle tool that can be used to insult someone you don’t like. Sarcasm can be a disguised insult that isn’t meant to hurt somebody’s feelings, but it can be used to signal your disapproval with someone or something. It will help you vent your feelings off without using mean insults. And if people get your sarcasm, they’ll probably understand what they also did wrong and they can change for the better. Who knows?

Identifying Possible Friends and Love Interests Easier

Sarcasm can unite people. You can get to know a person easier if you both understand each other’s types of sarcasm. You can also end up falling in love with a sarcastic person. Birds of a feather flock together.

A Healthy Attitude

Sarcastic people tend to have a healthy attitude towards life in general. They aren’t so stressed out like other people and they can be serious when the situation requires it. But sarcastic people tend to find something amusing or hilarious in many things so that they can overcome certain difficulties easier.

Not Easily Offended

A sarcastic person will not be easily offended; which is great news. Their independence and self-confidence make these persons successful at what they do. They don’t need other people’s validation or permission to do what they think it’s right. Not being easily offended is an advantage and sarcastic people really exploit this trait to their best interest.