The Best Way To Smoke Skywalker OG CBD And Other Hemp Flowers

If you want the most efficient way to consume CBD in your daily life, a CBD Flower is the perfect choice for you. Did you know hemp—the origin of Cannabidiol—has been used by humans a thousand years back in history? In China, during the 6000 BCE (see more), CBD seeds and oil served as a dish added to their tables, which helped both Chinese royalty and the lower class live a healthier, pain-free life.

But it would be a hundred more years later when people learned the effects of hemp when smoked. Since then, science and technology have risen to their peak, and so did the studies for cannabis. Today, we not only smoke hemp and its flowers, but we have a lot of strains and crossbreeds of Kush that all have their unique flavor, aftertaste, and potency of effect. Read on to find out how to smoke your CBD hemp flower properly.

All About CBD Flower

In straightforward terms, this CBD product is a high-cannabidiol strain that involves only the hemp plant’s flowers. Compared to its counterparts, a CBD flower strain has higher potency because a female hemp flower has more Cannabidiol (link: in its count than any other parts of the plant. This makes for a great way to wind down after a long week behind you.

Thus, only hemp flowers can be made into CBD flower strains because other species such as marijuana contain more THC. And the reason clients choose CBD flower is to feel its benefits while trying to avoid getting high. Another thing is that marijuana is illegal in many states across the US because of its sentence by the FDA. It’s considered a schedule 1 substance, something entirely controlled, while CBD and hemp are considered schedule 5.

THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol) is also poisonous to animals and pets. Just a few grams of THC entering their small bodies can lead to severe symptoms, like frequent and copious vomiting, coma, or worst of all, death. Compared to that, Cannabidiol has been found to evoke no side or adverse effects to both human and animal bodies. It also, miraculously, cannot induce addiction and dependence. This is mainly because of the absence of THC, which is very psychoactive.

However, this doesn’t mean products like CBD flower strains and oils don’t have policies and restrictions. Clients can only buy CBD products above 18 years old. The product should also contain no more than 0.3% THC, or else it can induce addiction and dependence or get the user high. Breaking such policies can lead to the company ending their business and the user landing in jail with a hefty fine.

What Is Skywalker OG?

Skywalker OG is one of the most potent strains in the line of CBD flower strains in the market. This is because of its parent strains OG and Skywalker, also two very full products. Other strains can be considered potent, but Skywalker OG is an excellent choice for relieving stress and anxiety quickly and a to-go for nighttime use. Because of its rich CBD content, this strain is not recommended as a daytime strain.

The Best Ways To Smoke Skywalker OG

1. Bong

A bong can efficiently serve you filtered, smoother smoke with just one inhale. Called Baung in Thailand, where it was first invented with bamboo, the bong burns cannabis and exclusively gets a concentrated amount of the product into your lungs. Other methods can deliver unclean smoke that can potentially damage your lungs, so for those who want to look out for their health, a bong is the better choice.

These can come in many shapes and colors, but the two parts of a bong are the chamber and bowl. Inside the bowl can be a CBD flower strain of your choice. You light it up, causing the water above the bowl to boil, this bringing the smoke up to your mouth as you inhale. The water also eliminates the dry smoke you get from pre-rolls, describing bong smoke as creamy, smooth, and easy to inhale.

2. Pipe 

Using a pipe is just as easy as using a bong. First, with finely ground flower strain, place a moderate amount in the pipe’s bowl. Make sure it’s not too cramped, lest there won’t be oxygen and you won’t be able to light your pipe. While you do this, take a deep inhale through the pipe’s opening and control how much smoke passes through with the carb.

Pipes also come in different forms, but many users have preferred using a glass pipe, which is a surprising cross between a pipe and a bong. And although a pipe has a smaller chamber, thus a smaller filtration, it can still serve up a better, more moist smoke that won’t be harsh to your throat.

3. Roll

Lastly, the simplest way to take in CBD flower strain is through a rolling paper, a filter, and your chosen product. Roll the product and filter side by side, secure the roll so it won’t accidentally roll open, and light it up. The smoke from rolls are dry and sometimes harsh, but many clients prefer this type of smoke and feel. It might take a lot of practice to roll your strain correctly, so we suggest you buy from your trusted CBD companies to save you the trouble.