Sometimes the Best Deal is No Deal

A couple of days ago my husband and I were staring at the computer screen. He was showing me this Invicta watch that was 90% off on Amazon. He was telling me that we should get it because he needed a watch. Plus it was such a great deal.

I stood there looking at him and his wrist. In the almost 12 years we have been together he has never worn a watch regularly. As I reminded him of that, he pointed out to  me the watch was 90% off! and such a great deal!! I reminded him again that he never wears a watch and why buy a watch when he doesn’t wear one.

Even if the watch was so cheap, for us to buy it would mean wasting our money on an item that would barely get any use. For us the best deal was to get no deal at all. Our money was best saved by keeping it in our pockets.

Diana, left me this comment on Monday: “I’ve saved a lot of money recently because I haven’t bought anything.” A LOT of times that the best way to save money. Diana, your comment was the reminder we needed to not get caught up by the deal.