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I have had this blog for a little bit over 8 months now. When I first started blogging I chose this design because it’s very clean and simple. I have tried rearranging things but it always seemed too busy so I never implemented any changes.

But after 8 months I am getting a bit tired of the design. Maybe it looks so uncluttered that it makes it look too plain. I would like to add a little something to it.

I looked today into blog design offers because I don’t know anything about graphic design. However, the cheapest plan I found was $60. As much as I love this blog I make zero $$ from it. To me blogging it’s a hobby not income making activity. I do have minimal ads because I entered into a contract that I need to satisfy. So, I can’t afford to spend $60, or maybe I just can’t justify it.

Does anyone have some graphic design resources I could use? Like I said I don’t know anything about it but I can teach myself how to do it. I love learning new things. I would like to create maybe a logo or something like that. Can someone direct me the right way?

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