Stay Warm For Less Money This Season

Stay Warm For Less

As the cold weather rolls in, many of you are probably wondering how to stay warm for less this season. This is especially true for the East Coasters who are enduring the freezing temperatures and blustery conditions outside right now.

Staying warm during the cold season is essential for both your comfort and your health. Here are a few tips you may find handy if you’re trying to stay warm for less this season…

Bundle Up

While you shouldn’t have to dress in full snowmobiling regalia to stay warm in your home, you should consider throwing on a sweatshirt and some heavy socks. Wearing these extra layers will help you feel much warmer,  and enable you to turn down the heat a few degrees.

Seal Any Drafts

I can tell you from experience that a drafty house is a chilly house, especially in the winter. One of the surest ways to stay warm for less money this winter is by taking care of any drafts you feel. These are usually most common around windows, doors, and baseboards. Caulk around windows and doors with clear or white paintable caulk, use draft stoppers under your doors, and cover your windows with plastic. If you’re really looking to save money on covering your windows this season, stay away from the expensive window insulation kits. Instead opt for rolls of plastic drop cloths, which are much cheaper. Even 1 mil plastic over your drafty windows is better than nothing. Secure it with painter’s tape to ensure that it doesn’t damage your walls.

Give Your Curtains a Workout

During the cooler seasons, change to heavy curtains, which can help keep the cold out and help you stay warm for less. Since heavy curtains can be expensive, search your local thrift store for some or for materials that can be used to make some. Heavy blankets are great for this. Also, make sure you open your curtains during sunny days and close them at night and on cloudy days. This helps warm your house during the day and keep the warm air out and the cool air in at night.

Rearrange Your Rooms

Think about the size of the rooms in your home when you’re trying to stay warm for less. Do you have large rooms? If so, bear in mind that these can take a great deal of money to heat. You may want to rearrange your house so that the smaller rooms are the ones being used most often, and shut off the larger rooms. Huge living room but small den? Make the den the living room for the season. Massive dining room and roomy kitchen? Make the dining room the living room for the season, and move the table into the kitchen for an eat-in kitchen. You get the idea…

Get Cooking

The heat from your kitchen appliances can often be a godsend when you’re trying to stay warm for less. Try to avoid cooking that creates a great deal of steam, since this can actually make your house damp and cooler. Instead, bake more, and leave the oven door open a crack after you’re done.

Snuggle Up

Whether it’s with a pet or a loved one, snuggling can keep you warm. Body heat is a wonderful thing during the cold winter season.

Add Your Own Tips to Stay Warm For Less

This, of course, is not a full list of ways to help you stay warm for less this season, but hopefully they can get you started. Feel free to leave your own tips for staying warm below!