The Many Advantages of Frugal Living

Penny-pinchWhen people first hear of frugal living, they imagine they have to make enormous sacrifices and cut down costs in a drastic manner just to save more money. While it is true that some things do change, it’s also true that frugal living definitely improves and there are truly no difficult limits that one has to endure just to save some money.

Frugal living is often associated with families, but single people can also be big spenders. The temptations are many and sometimes we are more focused on consumerism and getting “more stuff” than on saving some money. Maybe it’s time for a change, though. There are so many advantages when making such an important change; frugal living can be for anybody and you can reap its benefits, too.

Healthy Living

Let’s face it, we all do it. After a hard day’s work we don’t find the strength to cook something, so we end up buying junk food or snacks. Both options seem unhealthy for our bodies. We just want to save some time, that’s all. So we end up consuming something that doesn’t do us too much good, starting with our health and ending with our pockets. Even if it seems harder at first, try to stick to a schedule. Cook something light each day when you have more spare time at your disposal, be it in the morning or in the evening when you get back from work. You and your loved ones will get to eat something healthier and you won’t have to spend too much money on junk food or snacks. There are plenty of delicious recipes out there and some of them don’t take too much time to prepare either.

Downsizing Cars

Gas prices always seem to go up. And our income seems to either stay the same or diminish due to debts or other factors. If you are a one big happy family, chances are you own two cars. You are tempted to always use the car, no matter what. Even if it’s a five minute walk, you end up pulling your car out of the driveway and heading towards your destination. Go for a big family car and use it when it’s necessary; when you pick up the kids from school or when you have to buy groceries or run some errands. Split your chores with your husband or wife and agree on a schedule that allows you to use one car only. You’ll end up saving a lot of money in no time, not only on gas but also things like vehicle maintenance and insurance. If you still need two cars, try at least to go for a smaller model that doesn’t need too much gas.

Staying Social

You see yourself as an outgoing, sociable person. That’s awesome, but sometimes you get a little carried away and you end up going out daily or at least on a regular basis. This definitely leaves you pinching pennies before cashing in your next paycheck. You don’t have to give up your social habits for good if you go the frugal living route; just change them a little. Try not to go out as often as you used to and think of other cute options. You can have a party at your place and ask the guests to bring their favorite drinks with them. You can have a picnic with your friends if the weather allows it; there are so many things you can do while you’re enjoying your friends’ company without having to pay for expensive meals or drinks. It’s all about the company after all, not the spending.


Sometimes, frugal living is about planning and analyzing some things. Before going on a shopping spree think hard about what you truly need. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your autumn wardrobe and buy a new trench coat because your old one is worn out. You may be tempted by a pair of shoes that’s on sale or a hip crop top that’s in this season. These little temptations may empty your wallet in a matter of seconds. Go for outfits that you really need, which will save you money as well as space.


Finally, the most obvious advantage of frugal living—the savings! A lot of companies and brands offer their new and faithful customers plenty of coupons and discounts, for instance. In frugal living mode, you’ll most likely take full advantage of your membership status and always sign up for cards, coupons, and memberships. They’ll help you save a bundle of money in the long run. And that means more money for the fun stuff in life!