Tips to Save Money on Vacation Abroad

save money on vacationYou have always dreamed of exotic destinations or cultural trips to enrich your knowledge and have fun in a totally new country. For you, the word wanderlust has become a motto, a lifestyle. But there’s always the money problem. You know you’ll end up with a lot of souvenirs and no money left when you return home. Bummer!

So, you have probably given up the idea of visiting a different country entirely. But, maybe you don’t have to stay home this holiday! What if there is a way to save money on your vacation abroad and still have a blast? It’s not completely impossible; it’s something that’s entirely possible…with a little planning and strategizing, of course!

Here are a few ways to save money on vacation abroad…

The Internet Is Your Friend

The internet is full of neutral reviews that can help you get a better picture of the money you’ll be spending on your trip. There are plenty of websites filled with travelers’ tips to save money, so make sure you check out those reviews! You can learn about cool places where you can eat without spending a fortune,  which hotels are affordable, and which tourist traps to avoid. In short, other travelers’ experiences can help you save money on vacation abroad.

Download Mobile Apps

The same goes with mobile applications. They’ll let you know about admission prices at different museums, restaurants and hotels. Many travel apps, like Yelp and Foursquare, also offer user submitted reviews for tons of information on the go.

Plan in Advance

Planning in advance has many advantages. First of all, you have to think of the unpredictable. What if something goes wrong? Are you prepared for an injury, illness or any other scenario? What’s your plan B if your luggage gets lost? If you have a solution for these problems you have already saved some essential time and know exactly how to react in unpredictable situations. Planning in advance will also save you money on vacation abroad. Planning ahead of time and shopping early gives you enough time to hunt down deals and create an itinerary of affordable vacation activities.

Book in Advance

You can often save money on vacation abroad by booking your accommodations and buying tickets in advance. There are plenty of websites that offer you a significant discount, too. Be sure to check sites like Groupon and Living Social for local deals in your vacation destination.

Make Lists

Staying organized has so many benefits. For starters, you can get informed about different landmarks and tourist attractions and print some maps with the places you want to see. This way you’ll be saving time and money on vacation abroad. You’ll know exactly where to go, how long it takes. and you won’t get lost in the new country that easily. Be sure to add any costs that each activity requires too. Make another list with the things you need to pack for your holiday. This is pretty important because if you forgot to bring something important with you, you’ll be forced to buy it from a foreign country and that can really affect your travel budget.

Be Wise With Souvenirs

You will feel tempted to buy souvenirs. You will want some reminders from the places that you will have visited. Which is perfectly fine, but souvenirs can be expensive. Try to avoid the city center when buying souvenirs. They are significantly pricier there. Or, you can forego the souvenirs altogether and opt for photos as your only souvenirs.

Dining Out

You will feel like splurging on vacation abroad and dining at the finest restaurants. You will be surprised to find out that some restaurants might look a bit rustic or too traditional, but it’s exactly those restaurants that serve the best, authentic food at affordable prices. Check your mobile apps for reviews. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can also usually find some pretty great dining deals on sites like Groupon and Living Social.



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