Why I love Shopping The Outlet Malls

This past weekend I visited one of the outlet malls near where I live. I picked up what you see: twelve pieces, 6 shorts, 1 pair of swimming trunks and five shirts for $3.58 a piece, tax included. I can usually find children’s clothes at my local thrift shop for around $2.87 a piece but the pieces are very worn. I can never justify buying clothes there because I have to buy clothes that will last me two boys.

I know that if I wait for end of season sales I can get new clothes for my children at bottom prices. I also love that I get brand new clothes that will hold up getting worn by two boys. I have found that starting in July through September I can find summer clothes on closeout. For fall/winter clothes I find the best time to buy is from mid February to the beginning of April. This is when I usually hit the outlet stores or even department stores too. I only hit Kohls when I have a 15-30% off coupon and only glean the clearance racks.

This is how I save money on clothes for my kids. Unfortunately since I moved to this area in Wisconsin, I don’t find great deals on children’s clothes at garage sales or thrift shops which is a pity because I used to be the queen of garage sale shopping.

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  • looney

    I have some really terrific resale shops near me. So I get a lot there. Seeing as 80% get stained at daycare, I don’t want to pay retail.
    But when he gets older, if you get Sear’s kids club, if the clothes wear out before the child outgrows them, they replace it for free. Great to hit on sale days, especially for jeans. Also you get like 10%?? back and lots of coupons. My SIL did this with her boys.

  • Sarah Kay

    Do you have any sites that you especially like for printable coupons to take to the outlest with you?

  • Sonia

    Great Deal, My son is in mens now so its a bit harder He’s a big boy, but loves football, so he’s my football player

  • Mercedes

    I created a spam email account. This is the account I use for signing up for free things. Now, every time I go to a store and they ask me if I want to be on their mailing list I say yes and give them that email address. so now they send me special offers, discounts and sales announcements right to my inbox.

  • Alexandra

    I know what you mean about yard sales and thrifts. I’ve been having trouble finding anything good at these places as well, and in the past I had no trouble. All of the children’s clothes are thrifted, but this will have to change next year. My buy-ahead stash is running low.

    I’ve begun looking for end of season sales as well. Thanks for the reminder about outlets. We have numerous outlets about 45 minutes away, and it might be worth the trip.

  • Elizabeth F.

    That’s a great deal. Good shopping!

  • Meredith

    Bloom where you’re planted!

    I agree–it is harder to find good boys clothes used once they get beyond 2T.

    Pretty little girl dresses, thank goodness, are a dime a dozen here.

  • Mercedes

    I know there’s so many more girl clothes found in better condition at garage sales and thrift stores. I would love to share in on the action. My husband hopes third time’s a charm!