Are These Modern Distractions Impacting Your Lifestyle?

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How are modern distractions affecting you?

Society is perpetually changing and the evolution of technology has brought us a lot of useful things that save us plenty of time. Cooking, washing, entertainment and many other things have become so facile nowadays. Sometimes it’s enough to press a button to get the job done.

But there are some disadvantages to this lovely, modern world. Modern distractions can result in a sedentary life that impacts our posture, health and mind. It’s not just that; there are some modern inventions that can be perceived as distractions because this is what they do; they take up our free time and we can also lose some money while being distracted.

So which activities that are part of our lives are considered to be modern distractions? A short list of these things might give you a clue about what kind of activities end up wasting your time or spending your money.

Social Media

Social media has become one of our biggest modern distractions in our new plugged in world. Needless to say, we constantly check our newsfeed, strike up a virtual conversation and waste our free time being addicted to social media. Instead of connecting with people, we stare at a screen and “like” our “friends'” statuses. Not a great way to truly connect, though.


It’s ok to relax and watch a few episodes of your favorite TV show. But “just one more episode” can turn into a whole season and you end up feeling tired after a marathon of episodes. The truth is that Netflix (and other streaming services) are huge modern distractions and massive time sucks. There comes a time when enough is enough, and you need to set down the Netflix remote and step away slowly….

EBook Readers

There are plenty of people who are voracious readers, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But at times (since it is so easy to read a book using a tablet or an eBook reader) we end up pulling an all-nighter because we really want to finish reading that book. The eyestrain from a glaring screen isn’t always worth it, though.

Video Calls

There are plenty of mobile applications that allow you to use their video call options. It’s a nice way to stay in touch with your loved ones, particularly if you moved to a different place. But the downside of it all is that you might abuse this feature and not spend as much actual time with loved ones. Of course, video calls are a fantastic way to connect with long distance loved ones!


One of the biggest modern distractions is emails, particularly work emails. Being able to stay connected and in touch for work can be a good thing, but it can also be your downfall, if you’re unable to separate work from home life. If you must, reserve just one hour to check the emails and reply when you feel you need to. Everything else can wait for work hours.

Cable TV

Cable TV can become a big part of our lives. We love to watch different shows or catch up with the latest news and the distractions are in abundance when it comes to cable TV. Too much TV isn’t exactly good for you, though, and too much can lead to a rather sedentary lifestyle.



Sure texting is convenient, but it’s not exactly an ideal way to truly communicate with someone. The plink of a text message can also interrupt important family time. Resolve to turn your phone off or mute it during family time, especially dinnertime.