5 Ideas to Earn Some Extra Money for the Stay at Home Mom

Its raining moneyMy husband and I both used to work fulltime jobs, but when I got pregnant with our first child, I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, so I could make sure my baby was being taken care of properly and I wanted to be around my baby at all times. I wanted him to know that he had a loving mother that was always there for him. However, it wasn’t an easy progression from going to two incomes down to only one.

To make up for the loss of a fulltime income, I had to take my frugality to a whole other level. I also had to look around for ways to make a little bit of extra cash and believe me, every little bit of extra cash helped. If you’re a stay at home mom and you’re looking for ways to make a little bit of extra cash you’re at the right place, because I’m going to help you do just that. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to make some extra money if you’re a stay at home mom.

#1. Consider Taking Surveys Online

Okay, this isn’t one of those things that are going to make you extraordinarily rich or anything like that, but as I said above, extra money helps. Taking surveys online is a very easy way to make some extra cash and it doesn’t require any skills. Basically, if you have a computer and a pulse, you can take surveys online for money. Just make sure you read reviews on survey companies to figure out which ones are the most legitimate and which ones offer the most cash per completed survey.

#2. Use Swagbucks

Swagbucks will enable you to make money by doing things you already do online. Basically, you can earn Swagbucks every time you decide to search for something online. All the points you accumulate on Swagbucks, you can redeem for gift cards or certain prizes.

#3. Sell Stuff on Craigslist

Do you have some stuff lying around your house that you don’t use anymore or just simply don’t need? I would highly suggest that you go to Craigslist and list everything you have for sale. If you have things to sell and you want to do it online, you’ll get the most for your items on Craigslist.

#4. Sell Stuff on Ebay

So, the Craigslist route didn’t work for you? Maybe it’s just not an option, because you don’t feel comfortable having strangers come to your house to buy things. If that’s the case, you could always use Ebay. However, you won’t make as much on Ebay as you would if you sold your items on Craigslist. Also, keep in mind that Ebay does charge fees and shipping charges are involved, as well.

#5. Make Stuff to Sale on Etsy

If you’re a stay at home mom, you’re probably very creative, crafty and know how to do things on your own. These are skills you acquire over time when you’re trying to live a frugal life. If you have creations, you could consider selling them on Etsy. I know a ton of moms that sell their crafts on Etsy and some of them make a very good living at it.