6 Ideas for Freeze Pop Molds!

Yummy Frozen Yogurt Pops!

Yummy Frozen Yogurt Pops!

Ready to make some homemade frozen treats this summer? Yum! Me too!

One of my favorite parts of summer are the yummy frozen treats we make ourselves. They’re super tasty and cheaper than those pricey store bought frozen goodies.

One thing you’re going to need to make some yummy frozen treats this summer are freeze pop molds. Fortunately, there are lots of great options out there! Take a look…

Plastic Freeze Pop Molds

Plastic freeze pop molds are all over during the summer months, and they’re relatively cheap. You can often pick these up at dollar stores or grocery stores for just a buck. Most of them work well and can be reused over and over, and they come in bar shapes or cylindrical shapes. I’ve found, though, that the sticks in some freeze pop molds pull right out of the frozen treat. If this happens, you may need to drill a few holes through the stick, so the ice has something to “grab”.

Silicone Freeze Pop Molds

The silicone freeze pop molds and shaped like the plastic packets that ice pops come in. These are usually a little more expensive than the plastic freeze pop molds, but many people swear by them. They’re a little higher quality, and since they’re flexible, they’re less likely to break or get damaged.

Original Containers

Sometimes the simplest method is best. Depending on the type of frozen treats you’re making, you may be able to freeze them right in the original containers and forego the freeze pop molds altogether. This works especially well for yogurt and pudding cups. Pop plastic spoons through the lids before freezing to make them easier to eat.

Ice Cube Trays

You might already have some freeze pop molds on hand already. Ice cube trays are perfect for creating small frozen treat for little ones. Just pour your homemade frozen treat ingredients into the ice cube tray, place a popsicle stick in each compartment and freeze.

Leftover Ice Pop Wrappers

You don’t actually need to go out an buy anything special for ice pop molds. You can reuse leftover plastic ice pop wrappers! Wash and rinse them well, inside and out, and let them air dry. Then, using a funnel pour juice into the leftover ice pop wrappers and seal the open end with a hair straightener or curling iron before placing them in the freezer!. You should be able to reuse these a few times for freeze pop molds.

Paper Cups

The small paper cups for bathrooms make excellent ice pop molds! Just pour in your not-yet-frozen treat and add some popsicle sticks or plastic spoons before freezing. If the frozen treats don’t slide right out of the cups, you can also peel the paper cups away.



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