6 Ways to Use Deodorant That Have Nothing to Do With Your Pits!

use deodorant

It isn’t uncommon to snag lots of goodies for free after coupons each month! While freebies are nice, sometimes all of these freebies means that your stockpile can get a wee bit out of control. I mean, ow many free deodorants does one person need? (Speed Stick Gear, I’m looking at you…)

If you’re fully stocked up on deodorant and antiperspirant for the next seven years, you might want to consider some of these alternative ways to use deodorant and antiperspirant…

#1. Nix Stinky Feet

After a long day on our feet, is the smell wafting from your shoes enough to kill a small herd of water buffalo? Use deodorant to prevent a stinky foot problem. Just swipe some antiperspirant/deodorant on your feet before bed and your feet will stay shower fresh the next day. I really don’t recommend applying the deodorant right before slipping on your shoes though, unless you don’t mind ending up on TV shows like “World’s Dumbest“; that’s some slippery stuff!

#2. Squash an Itchy Mosquito Bite

If the little blood suckers got you good on that camping trip, use deodorant / antiperspirant with aluminum chloride to stop the itch. Just swipe a bit on the bite, and the aluminum chloride will help reduce swelling and relieve itching.

#3. Stop Chaffing 

Don’t just use deodorant under your arms to stop sweat! You can actually use it just about anywhere to reduce sweating and chaffing. Think inner thighs, under the belly, and—for us ro-busty girls—under the breasts.

#4. Zap a Zit

Now, acne medication and creams are best for getting rid of pimples, but if you only get a stray pimple every now and then, it may not be worth the money to invest in an expensive cream. Instead, swipe the zit with a clean stick of deodorant / antiperspirant. It’ll help dry the area and the zit will be gone in no time!

#5. Refresh and Small Space

Are your closets or dresser drawers getting a little musty smelling? Pop the cap off some deodorant and stick it in the enclosed space. The fragrance should spruce up the stale space as well as any articles of clothing in there. If the top of the deodorant dries out, just scrape of the dried portion and put it back in the closet or drawer for another round.

#6. Prevent Blisters

They say pain is beauty, and I think that goes double for sexy new shoes! If you have a killer pair of new shoes that you know will give you blisters, try swiping the heel and sides of your feet with deodorant before sipping them on. The deodorant acts as a lubricant and stops your skin from rubbing on the sides of the shoes, which helps prevent blisters.

Do you know of any other great ways to use deodorant or antiperspirant? Let us know about them in the comments below!