Are Problems With High Heels Really Worth It?

problems from high heels

Maybe this is a delicate topic that most women wouldn’t like to hear about, but high heels (even if they look incredibly sexy) can pose serious health threats. A lot of doctors have had to deal with women who experienced different problems from high heels, including headaches, chronic leg pains, and foot and back problems.

And it seems that wearing high heels on a regular basis can be associated with back, pelvic, toe, ankle, knee pain etc. Even headaches have been associated with wearing high heels constantly. Even if high heels look sexy, they are certainly not comfortable and they can be a threat to our health. There are many sexy, healthy and comfortable alternatives to high heels.

It’s About the Weight You Carry

Chances are, you will feel a certain discomfort (sometimes even a slight pain) when you walk around in high heels. This is caused, in art, by your body weight pushing down on your high heels. In time, this constant pressure will cause pain and can even lead to injury or serious health problems.

Running Errands

We all are busy bees, but women who have to run errands on a regular basis, should consider switching to running shoes or flat shoe wear. This can help prevent and alleviate problems from high heels. Even when you wear comfortable shoes, your legs will still feel tired at the end of the day, but at least you won’t feel excruciating pain in your lower limbs.

Choose the Right Footwear

This can be tricky. Go for expensive pair of shoes that use high quality fabrics and materials that let your feet breathe and feel comfortable. When you try out shoes, make sure you do so during the evening since your feet tend to swell up a bit during daytime when you tend to walk a lot. Or try buying shoes when you haven’t walked too much and when you don’t feel tired at all. If high heeled shoes are a necessity, try buying shoes with shorter heels.

Eating Healthy

You should also eat healthy to promote a strong circulation in your body and healthy bones and joints.

Experiencing Pain

This is a golden rule: the moment you feel a slight pain in your body, you need to get rid of a bad habit and go see a doctor. If your toes, feet, heels, legs, knees, bones hurt…these are all red flags. You are doing something that is bad for your health and your body signals you that each time you experience a slight pain. So if you’re wearing high heels, it’s time to think of different alternatives. Sport shoes and flats are both choices that will make your life easier, healthier and painless. You can still look and feel sexy and create the illusion of longer legs using amazing fashion designs. You can wear the right clothes that will make your legs look sexy without having to subject your legs to excruciating pain and other problems from high heels.

Confidence Is Sexy

At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable in your own shoes. In your own skin. Confidence is sexy; a woman that exudes confidence (even if she’s not wearing high heels) can still look and feel glamorous, elegant, sexy. The attitude and the right clothes can go a long way.