Baby Expense Tracking: Six Month Update

Did you think I had given up on this one? Well, no I am still tracking expenses for my youngest son. He turns six months old today and I figured I would update how we are doing on spending money on him.

  1. Clothing: I still haven’t had to purchase any clothes for him out of our own pocket. I did buy him a couple of pajamas using a gift card that was sent to him but nothing else. I do need to get him three or four summer outfits because what I have from my oldest won’t fit him. Luckily I got a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s yesterday so I will be hitting those clearance racks before the coupon expires.
  2. Feeding: I have added the cost of a box of baby cereal ($1.64) to his feeding expenses. He got his first taste of solids this morning (not very thrilled about that), so he has not had anything else to eat but FREE breast milk. I also added the cost of replacement pacifiers to this category ($5).
  3. Baby Gear: This weekend we finally purchased the double stroller we needed. We paid for it partially with a gift card but I have still alloted the full cost ($130) of the double stroller to DS#2 because he is the one who will get to use it most.
  4. Medical Expenses: I have reviewed this expense on my spreadsheet. On my last baby expense update I mentioned around $8K in medical charges. Well after the negotiated insurance rates were applied the actual charges were lower. So far total medical costs are around $6400 and our out of pocket for six months of medical care for our youngest is $1486. We have been using money saved on our Health Savings Account to pay for this charges.

Other than that baby is thriving, just learned how to roll from back to front (lazy baby!) and even though his check up is not until Thursday, I can safely say he weighs more than 18 lbs. A little chub ball that one is.