Generic Brands vs Name Brands: Which Should You Buy?

generic brands vs name brands

Generic brand products have been on my mind these days for some reason. I know that there are some products that I just won’t buy generic brands and other generic brands that I swear by. However, when it comes to generic brands vs name brands, there are so many other factors that could influence your buying choice.

When it boils down to generic brands vs name brands here are a few things you should be considering…


A big factor that you should consider when deciding between generic brands vs name brands when grocery shopping is taste. If there’s a particular food that you buy a lot of, it’s usually worth trying the generic brand. If the generic brands taste just as good or better than the name brands, they’re definitely worth adding to your regular shopping lists. Try a generic brand product or two each shopping trip to determine if they’re worth buying.


Many generic brand foods are made with nearly the exact same ingredients and have the same nutrition information as the name brands. This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes generic brands contain ingredients that aren’t as healthy as the ingredients in name brands. Make sure you compare labels in your generic brands vs name brands quest.


For non-grocery items, like paper and cleaning products, you obviously won’t consider taste, but effectiveness. Ask yourself how well a generic brand product works. Does it work as well as or better than the name brand products? If it does, it’s most likely worth it to save money and buy the generic brand.


If you’re concerned about the environment, packaging could be another factor that will influence your generic brands vs name brands decision. Not all packaging is created equal. If you’re thinking about making the switch to generic brands, determine how much waste the generic brands produce in comparison to the name brands.


Package size is something you really need to pay attention to when buying generic brands. More specifically, you need to pay attention to the price per unit. For example, if a 15 oz package of name brand cookies sells for $2.00, that works out to about 13¢ per ounce; if the generic brand equivalent sells for $1.75 but only contains 11 ounces, that works out to about 16¢ er ounce. So, although the generic brand package is cheaper, you’re actually getting a better value with the name brand, since it has a cheaper per unit price.


You’d probably think that I’d list cost as the first actor to consider in the generic brands vs name brands war. Despite the fact that generic brands are usually less expensive than name brands, that doesn’t always mean that they’re always the cheapest option! You’ll rarely see coupons for generic brands, for instance, but coupons for name brands are extremely common. When a name brand product goes on sale and you have a coupon for it, you might just be able to pick it up for cheaper than the generic brand. So, be sure to do a little research before shopping to find the best deals!

What other factors do you consider when deciding between generic brands vs name brands?