Trying to Conquer One of Our Budget Busters

My family of three adults (for two more weeks), a preschooler and a baby who doesn’t drink cow milk gets through two gallons of milk a week.

A few years ago we switched to drinking organic or hormone-free milk. We have had to pay a premium for this milk.

I have looked for ways to save on this expense. Unfortunately the idea of switching to powder milk was not well received around here. With a preschooler that loves milk (you can even see his hand reaching for it), we just decided that this one of those expenses that we just have to have.

Recently it came to my attention that one of the local quick shops sells hormone-free milk in a bag. Do you know that they charge $0.80 premium for selling you this milk in a plastic container? This is 80 cents that go out in the garbage every few days around here.

Since this is Earth week, and always wanting to save money, I decided that it was time to look into this alternative and make it work for us. Pictured is the pitcher I was able to find and that passed my husband’s approval. My husband is a food scientist, so food safety is a top priority for him. We are hoping to find a glass pitcher soon but for now this is what is going to have to do.

An investment of $1.50 for the pitcher, should save us around $36 a year and save us from throwing in the garbage 52 plastic milk containers a year.

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