Being an Introvert: The Pros and Cons


Learning and understanding who you are can only help you cope with life and its many unpredictable situations. Accepting who you are will help you build your confidence and self-esteem. There are no desired or undesired traits; every type of personality is wonderful in its unique way. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you have some awesome traits and some…not so awesome ones.

The traits of an introvert are many; but some of these traits can be seen as flaws by some. As an introvert you have to explore your personality and acknowledge your strong points and work with them till you achieve what you set your mind to.

Introspection, Day Dreaming, and “Me Time”

Introverts aren’t afraid of solitude; they actually prefer it to having people around them. An introvert spends plenty of time thinking about life in general, about the choices he or she made, about possible solutions and outcomes. Introspection, day dreaming and “me time” are important for an introvert. He is a deep thinker and he usually has a fairly creative mind, too. Being independent has many advantages: introverts don’t seek other people’s approval and they have a very healthy body image. They aren’t easily influenced either.

Not a Team Player

Naturally, introverts aren’t team players. They aren’t very productive if they have to work with a team. They like to do things their way and be on their own, especially when it comes to work.

They Hate the Spotlight

Unlike an extrovert, an introverts will never get the fascination for fame or recognition for their credits. They know their worth and they prefer to work behind the curtains. They will leave the spotlight for extroverted persons.

Not a Fan of Dialogues

Introverts love playing games, reading books, listening to music, or anything else mellow and low key. You can spot an introvert in a crowd; he’s the one not paying attention to people around him. He prefers reading or listening to music while walking.

They Avoid Conflict

Introverts can’t stand people who raise their voice or use any kind of exaggerated actions to get their point across. Introverts can be sensitive when it comes to negative reactions, and even if they aren’t people pleasers they can’t stand these situations.

A Certain Etiquette

Introverts think before they speak in most cases. They won’t be the subjects of ridicule because they insulted somebody without wanting that. They have a certain social and work etiquette that keeps them away from being mocked or ridiculed by others.

The Best Friends

A lot of introverts are seen as good friends for many reasons. They hate talking nonsense and they are active listeners. A good listener will always be perceived as a good friend. Introverts love analyzing situations and listening to different stories and their analytical mind can prove to be useful because they also have some fine pieces of advice to offer for those who need it.

They Don’t Need Much to be Happy

Introverts know what they want and they usually communicate their needs and desires from the get-go. They aren’t into fancy, glamorous things or social gatherings. They rather stay at home and read a book or watch a certain movie. It’s not hard to find the perfect gift for such a self-sufficient person. And they’ll always appreciate your efforts.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?