Help for Dating Someone WIth Anxiety

dating someone with anxiety

There are many approaches that really work out when it comes to dating someone with anxiety. It’s hard at first for every party involved, but you can actually make a difference and understand anxiety and how it is dealt with better.

Everybody deserves to be loved, no matter what. Once you understand how anxiety is triggered and how it works, you can find some great approaches that will help you when dating someone with anxiety and build a healthy relationship. A relationship you both deserve and work for. Because any relationship needs work.

Reassurance Is Important

Even if it is extremely hard and frustrating at first, always reassure your lover that he or she is incredible and offer arguments to sustain your statement. In time, the anxiety will subside. Just show them why they are wrong into thinking that they did something wrong or that they aren’t good enough.

Communicate More

Let them know what you have in mind and what plans you want to make together. Even if your partner will be scared or reluctant at first, he will do his best to make the relationship work and be active and determined to achieve beautiful things together.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

One of the best thing that works for anxious people is the cognitive behavioral therapy. You are not a specialist, but a therapist can definitely improve the situation. You can also visit this therapist together when dating someone with anxiety to have a better understanding of the disorder and how you can behave and act in order to make things easier for your lover.

Let Them Know about Your Schedule

This isn’t about mistrusting people. It’s about avoiding anxiety. If your partner can’t reach you on the phone or other means of communication, he or she may start panicking, thinking something bad happened to you. Nobody deserves to feel such an ordeal so if you tell them your schedule, anxious persons can relax better.

Making Them Feel Safe

You have to identify the triggers of anxiety when dating someone with anxiety. What causes your partner to start feeling anxious? Once you recognize the cause, you can make them feel safe. If you’re having trouble identifying the cause, it’s best that you two talk to a therapist.

Being Spontaneous

It’s more than fine to be spontaneous, but don’t prank an anxious person. A good scare can hurt anybody and an anxious person will suffer more from pranks. If you want to be spontaneous, just make sure that the surprise will be appreciated and loved by your partner.

Not Feeling Abandoned, Guilty or Lonely

You can help when dating someone with anxiety; you can really help making the anxious person feel less lonely, guilty or abandoned by reassuring them you are there by their side, no matter what. Fear or rejection or loneliness or unworthiness is bigger for anxious persons.

This Doesn’t Define Your Lover

What you two need to understand is that anxiety doesn’t define a person’s personality or a relationship. You have to focus on each other’s personality and what makes you two happy.