Reusable Products That Save You Money

reusableChances are, you are like everyone else in the world and do not have a lot of money to spare on things other than bills, so you do what you can to save as much money as possible. To help cut your wasteful spending, here are some products that can be reused more than once, and you will be surprised how much money you will end up saving.

#1. Buying a reusable bottle for water.

There are statistics concerning plastic bottles that state that there are enough plastic bottles every year to stretch around the planet several times. On average, people use anywhere from 100 to 200 plastic bottles a year, but the percentage of bottles that they recycled is only around 20 to 30.  Plastic bottles that are not recycled end up in landfills taking up space. To stop that, and to save you some money, you can get a reusable plastic bottle, and then just refill it from the tap whenever you want a nice refreshing drink instead of going to the store to buy bottled water.

#2. Using products that can extend the life of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Let’s say you are, like me, a health conscientious person and love to eat things like fresh fruits and vegetables. However, the problem is that their shelf life in the refrigerator is not very long, and sometimes you end up throwing away more than you are eating. However, there are special green bags and containers now that can be used to help preserve fruits and vegetables for weeks longer, which will give you enough time to cook and eat them.

#3. Buying a coffee mug that can be refilled.

Some coffee houses and coffee shops are now becoming more earth-friendly, and if people do bring in their own coffee cups and refillable containers, they will only be charged the price of a regular cup of coffee.

#4. Packing a lunch can save a lot of waste.

Packing your own lunch has been fun, but you may not realize how much you are spending on things like paper napkins and plastic utensils. You may not have thought about how wasteful it is to throw away napkins and utensils every day. You can buy washable napkins and bring utensils from home that you can just take home and wash, and you will be surprised at how much you are not throwing away.

#5. Reusable grocery bags to replace plastic bags.

You do reuse your plastic grocery bags for other things, but that does not change the fact eventually they get thrown away. Another fact about plastic bags is that they can sometimes break, and groceries kept in them may hit the ground and get ruined. People end up losing a lot of money every year from broken grocery bags, and one way to save money is to use cloth grocery bags. With cloth bags, the plastic bags do not break, or end up getting thrown away and put into landfills. Every grocery store sells reusable cloth bags now, they are pretty inexpensive, and will last for quite a long time.