Uses for Baby Wipes Tubs

I have been researching for a while things to do with all of those wipes tubs I have been collecting since my baby was born months ago. Here are a few ideas I came across:

  • Around the house: I use them to hold plastic grocery bags, dryer sheets, trial size items. they make a good piggy bank for the kids turn it into craft and have them paint and redecorate the tub.
  • Around the kitchen: instant oatmeal packets, hot cocoa envelopes, recipe cards
  • Around the home office: Use them to keep photos, scrapbooking or other craft supplies. They are great for holding and dispensing yarn. Can also hold crayons, markers and other school supplies.
  • In the car: use them to hols a first-aid kit and keep in the car. They are also great for holding and dispensing tissue paper, no more crushed boxes in the car. Create a travel box with small toys to keep children busy while in the car.
  • Around the workshop: use it to holds small tools, also rags, screws.
  • Other: have a pet? great for holding pet food while traveling

Do you have anymore ideas you would like to share? Leave me a comment.

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