All Those Free Painkillers are NOT Doing Their Job

Who knew that trying to save money by traveling with an infant in arms was detrimental to your health?
We are in Louisiana and for two hours yesterday I didn’t think that was possible. After taxing on the runway, waiting for 12 other planes to take off, when our turn came up the pilot found out one engine was not working. So we had to go back to the gate and wait for mechanics to fix the problem. That was one hour and forty five minutes added to the already two and a half hours we were supposed to be on the plane. Holding a six month old while trying to keep him and his three year old brother entertained was not fun.
Enough complaining, these were our expenses for our traveling day:
Breakfast: $10 for bagels, lox and cream cheese
Lunch: $8 fast food
Dinner: $ 12.49 Fast food again, not the healthiest I know but all we wanted was to get to the hotel to go to bed.
Total spent so far: $30.49

Frugal flops so far: we forgot to pack the infant pool floater. I had bought this one using a register rewards at Walgreens so its cost was zero out of pocket for us. We also left my three year old’s sippy cup; we are going to have to replace that as well.
Frugal Victories: Our laptop, thank God for the DVD player it has and helping keep the three year old entertained.